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About Us

The NIEW Resource Centre (RC) was established in September 2007 in commemoration of NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women (NIEW) establishment as an institute dedicated to women's development and empowerment through a lifelong learning approach. Inspired by the government attempt towards the empowerment of women in a wider spectrum, Resource Centre was set up as a support centre of NIEW activities and become a knowledge hub in providing rich resources on any subjects related to women and gender studies which contributes towards women's development and advancement.

NIEWRC aims to be a platform to develop, collect, preserve, integrate and disseminating information and resources particularly on women and gender studies. As the one of special library and information centre in Malaysia, the RC serves for resource and knowledge centre of NIEW, KPWKM and agencies affiliated with the ministry, delegates from NAM Member Countries who attend the course organized by NIEW, academic and non-academic researchers in women's studies, as well as university students in need of reference and information on women issues. RC does not offer membership to public. However they are welcomed to use our resources upon request through formal letters.

The Resource Centre (RC) is administered by a Librarian which directs all the activities and the functions of the Library for a year. Two RC staff fulfill the general functions of the RC in managing the library service to the readers; organizing various collections in the RC, coordinating all public relations and secretarial work; engaging in the collection of newspaper clippings as well as other duties requested from time to time.

Housing an approximately 2500 volumes of items, the collection comprises of wide varieties of printed and non-printed materials ranging from books, periodicals, in-house reports, audiovisuals and multimedia. With intent focus on the field of women and gender studies, RC aims to provide adequate and up-to-date information resources to cater the increasing demands of the clientele, which has different levels of information needs for their researches and studies. At present, RC is planning to acquire more items and sufficient resources to achieve the target of the year.

Since its establishment, the library own an approximately 2000 volumes of monographs particularly related to women and gender; as women in the field of academics and education, business and entrepreneurship, health, literature, law, media, politics, science and technology, crimes and violence, sports, general women's studies, feminism, gender, as well as family issues and parenting.

The RC also houses 26 series of international journal on subscription related with gender and women's studies including Gender and Education, Journal of Gender Studies, Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, Feminist economists, Harvard Journal of Law & Gender, Violence against women, Women in Management and ex-cetera. In addition to providing access of printed materials, authorized users may access selected e-journals through RC Portal.

In offering wide access of information, the RC also archives the collection of newspaper cuttings from most daily local newspapers which are classified according to their subject. Multimedia collection of audio-visual materials including interactive Cds ad Dvds on NIEW's events and activities, series of report, gender series outlines, course modules and materials organized by NIEW, Islamic collection as well as general issues have been accumulated in this Resource Centre.

The collection in RC are catalogued and classified using Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and Dewey Decimal Classifications System (DDCS). A number of collections have been classified according to the specific category as Reference Collection, Special Collection on Women and Gender Studies, Malaysiana, General, Novels and Serials Collection.

NIEWRC operations are computerized using an Integrated Library Management System (ILMU) which allows speedy and convenient access to the library's catalogue both from within the library and remotely through the Internet. Its permit search facility provides direct access and simultaneous searches to a selection of other libraries' online catalogues.

The services offered by NIEWRC currently are loan, renewal and reservation services, searching assistance, reference inquiry, photocopying facility, and quick reference to online resources. In addition, RC affords a scenic view, spacious and conducive learning environment with open reading areas, magazines corner, carrel room, audio-visual viewing rooms, new arrivals corner, internet workstations and OPAC terminals. The seating capacity available is accommodated for 30 users.

The RC is located at Level 2 in Wisma Sime Darby Building and open to public from Monday -Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. It is closed on weekends and on public holidays. More highlights about the resource centre, its services and facilities, policy, regulation and its collection is available online via link to the NIEW Website.